What We Do

We are here to provide world-class solutions through cutting-edge technology and content development for your brands with activities, puzzles, action games, virtual board games, and multiplayer games.

Our games are developed using our own in house game engine, Avota. Tried-and-true technology that allows millions of people to play our games, millions of times a month!

Our Game Development Services

  • Game Design

  • iOS / Android Games

  • HTML5 Games

  • Small-scale Games & Activities

  • Large-scale Games

  • Multiplayer Games

  • Social Network Games

  • MMO Games

  • Location Based Games

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Our Capabilities

Our expertise is game design / development but our capabilities span many facets to support the development of great content!

  • Game Design

  • Game Development

  • Multiplayer Game Development

  • Social Network Game Development

  • MMO Development

  • iOS Development (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

  • Mobile Game Development (Android)

  • Mini Sites / Ad Banners

  • Desktop Apps / Widgets

  • Localization

  • Game Licensing

  • Engine Licensing

  • Consulting

  • Illustration / Graphic Design

  • Animation (2D / 3D)

  • Audio Design / Composition

  • Product Photography

  • Printable Activities

  • Web + Toy Integration

  • Meta-Game System

  • Development / Integration